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Listserv Guidelines

The Northwest Editors Guild's email discussion list is a friendly place for members to post questions, share resources, debate style issues, spread the word about upcoming classes and events, and announce exciting professional news related to editing or running an editorial business.

Upon acceptance as a Guild member, you are automatically invited to the list and are asked to follow the guidelines below. If you have any questions about the listserv or difficulty in joining, or if you are not receiving emails, please contact the administrator at for assistance.

New members are automatically set to receive each message to the list as soon as it’s posted. If you’d rather receive a “daily summary”—a single email containing all the messages posted on the previous day, you can change your Google Groups settings or e-mail and ask our administrator to change your delivery option to “Abridged” or to “Combined Updates” (25 messages per email).

To update your settings, just go to!myforums while logged into the account you receive listserv emails at. You should see a list of the groups that you are a member of under that email address. To the right of each group, there is a dropdown box where you can change your email options to one of four choices:

  • Don’t send email updates,
  • Send daily summaries,
  • Combined updates (25 messages per email), or
  • Every new message.

Please note that if you select “Don’t send email updates,” you will also not receive emails from the administrator or board members about upcoming Guild events or other important notices. Events are always listed on our Meetings and Events page, and we occasionally use MailChimp to update all members on issues that we regard as extremely important, but the listserv is our primary way of communicating with members.

You can also read messages on the webpage by going to!forum/edsguild. You must be logged in to the email address that you receive listserv emails at in order to view this page.