Listserv How-To

The Guild uses Google Groups to maintain an email listserv for our members to connect, share information, and receive important news from the Guild administrator and board of directors.

How to start?

All active members should have received an email invitation from the new Google Group listserv with a button at the bottom that reads "Accept this invitation." If you already have a Google or Gmail account, this will take you directly to the group page. If not, you will need to create a Google account in order to join. However, you do not need to use Gmail in order to use the listserv. This is merely an account on their service. You can use any email address that you wish to receive the emails.

If you are a member and have not received a Google Group invitiation, please email Jen Grogan at  

How does the listserv work?

The listserv is invitation-only, and messages are visible only to members. When you want to email the list, simply send your email to with subject line and main text as you wish it to appear for readers. The email will automatically go out to all subscribed members. If you want to reply to an email on the list, simply click the reply button on your email list (or reply-all if you are replying to something others have already replied to) and reply just as you would to a normal email. 

You will not receive a copy of your own email unless you intentionally include your email address in addition (whether as a normal recipient or a cc or bcc). However, if you wish to go back later and look at an email you sent in the group, you can log in to, and view past messages.

NOTE: On the Google group you will only be able to see past messages since the Google Groups listserv began (no messages before August 2018). We will unfortunately not be able to transfer the entire history of the old Yahoo Groups listserv over to Google Groups. However, the administrator and board will maintain the old Yahoo Group in a read-only status. If you wish to go back and look at a conversation that happened on Yahoo Groups, you can email and the admin will either retrieve the message in question for you or grant you temporary access, in special circumstances, to find what you need.

How often will I receive messages?

You have the options of receiving every individual message, daily summaries, what Google calls "combined updates" of 25 messages per email, or no email messages at all from the listserv group. 

Please be aware that the Guild's board and administrator use the listserv as our primary way of notifying members of upcoming events, policy changes, and other important news, however, and if you select "no email messages," you may find yourself missing out on the full benefit of Guild membership. We do occasionally send direct email to members in ways other than the listserv, but out of respect for our membership we limit those emails as much as possible.

How Do I Set Up My Google Group Account?

To change your settings or set how often you receive emails from the group, go to!myforums. There you will see all the groups you are a member of, with your name next to each, as shown below.

Next to your name will be an Edit link, followed by a dropdown box that reads "Every new message." If you wish to receive every individual email that comes out to the list, leave this option as it is. If you want to change this, click the dropdown on the same line as our group (the one titled Northwest Independent Editors Guild) and then select from the following options:

  • Don't send email updates
  • Send daily summaries
  • Combined updates (25 messages per email)
  • Every new message (the default)

The button to the far right (after this dropdown) is "Leave this group." Be aware that if you leave or select the option not to receive any email updates (or opt not to join the listserv at all), you may miss out on a lot of what the Guild offers to members, since the listserv is our primary way of communicating with members.

Google Group options dropdown showing 'Don't send email updates,' 'Send daily summaries,' 'Combined updates (25 messages per email)' and 'Every new message'

If you prefer, you can also update these settings (and change your profile name) by clicking “Edit” next to your name. This will open the dialog box shown below (with your email address visible where the gray box is shown in the image below).

Image of dialog box showing membership settings including updating name, which email is used for membership, and email preferences

More Questions?

If you have any questions about Google Groups, or if you're having technical difficulties in signing up or setting up your account, please email the administrator, Jen Grogan, at