Membership Application

To apply for membership in the Northwest Editors Guild, please submit the form below (online or by mail), along with your résumé or a link to your LinkedIn page.

Your application materials should demonstrate at least a year of experience as an editor (freelance/independent, in house, or both). Completion of the University of Washington editing certificate program (or similar accredited program) satisfies this requirement. Membership is open to anyone in the United States, but most services and events are focused on the Pacific Northwest.

You will be notified of your status by e-mail within two weeks.

If you’re accepted as an Editors Guild member, we will invoice you online for your first annual dues payment of $65. You will automatically be prompted to renew your membership in the following years.

If spots are still available, you’ll also be offered the opportunity to subscribe to The Chicago Manual of Style Online for an additional $30, a nearly $10 discount from the listed price of $39. (This benefit of Guild membership is limited to seventy-five members per year and reopens every January.)

Your membership will become effective after approval of your application and receipt of your dues.

To Apply Online

Fill out the form below and press “Submit.” Required fields are marked with an asterisk.

To Apply by Mail

Download a printable membership application and fill it out in one of two ways:

  • To fill it out on your computer, save a copy and then click or type in the shaded boxes. To uncheck a box, click in it again. Print the completed form, then sign and date it.
  • To fill it out by hand, print the form. The shaded boxes will not appear on the printed form.

Send your application materials (the completed form and your résumé, if you’re including one) to:

Northwest Editors Guild
7511 Greenwood Ave N #307
Seattle, WA 98103

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    Editing Experience

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    Type of editing (e.g., developmental editing, copyediting)

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