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​I am a research scientist (PhD and postdoc in Bioengineering at University of Washington (UW), BS in Chemical Engineering at MIT) and a scientific and medical writer/editor. I welcome opportunities to help with academic, preclinical, and clinical research manuscript and grant proposal writing and editing, and other types of scientific writing. Please contact me to discuss projects. Thank you!​

As a researcher at UW, MIT, UCSF, and Seattle Biomedical Research Institute (SBRI), I have been coauthor on 16 scientific journal publications and 5 NIH R01 grants in the fields of molecular cell biology, bioengineering, and infectious disease research. As a graduate student I developed a spectroscopy / microscopy system to measure protein structural changes in tissue culture using intramolecular fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET), published twice in PNAS. I started full-time scientific writing at SBRI, writing manuscripts for a genomics consortium (Seattle Structural Genomics Center for Infectious Disease, SSGCID), producing papers published in PLoS One and Tuberculosis, one of which was recommended by the Faculty of 1000. This work involved developing manuscripts from outline to submission, synthesizing genomic datasets and creating figures and tables, incorporating ideas and edits from over 25 coauthors, and responding to reviewer comments. The interactions and feedback from this work and from my previous writing in the context of research led me to pursue scientific writing and editing full time. More recently, from 2016-2018 as an editor for eWorld Editing (based in Oregon), I edited research manuscripts in the fields of clinical research, epidemiology, molecular cell biology, and biomedical engineering. As a freelance writer and editor from 2016 to the present, I have written preclinical research manuscripts for Seattle Genetics, advertorials for Science/AAAS, and edited R01 and K08 grant submissions and research manuscripts for PIs at Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center, UW, and Duke University. My editing work includes developmental and substantive editing, copyediting, editing non-native English, and editing to improve the presentation of data and results.

copyediting, research, substantive editing, writing
academic works, articles/essays, educational materials, proposals/query letters
health/medicine, science/math
AMA (American Medical Association), Chicago (The Chicago Manual of Style)
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