9:30 A.M. – 5:30 P.M.

Our exciting sessions this year will be as follows:

  • "Many Authors, Unified Voices,” with Laura Cameron
  • "Preserving the Narrator’s Voice in Memoir, Personal History, and Creative Nonfiction: The Push & Pull of Correct & Respect,” with Julie McDonald Zander
  • "Holding Space: The Importance of Helping African-Americans Heal through Storytelling,” with Christy Abram
  • "Technical Editing for Science and Engineering: The Art of Translating Technical Topics into Clear Language,” with panelists Hannah Garrison, Kristen Legg, and Marcy McAuliffe, moderated by Jennifer Koogler, and organized by Mike Maisen
  • "Inclusive Language in Medical and Technical Editing,” with Jess Gee
  • "Tweet This, Not That: How to Write and Edit for Social Media,” with Alysha Love
  • "How Many Words in a Picture? Editing Graphic Novels,” with Christina Frey
  • "Conlangs: Languages with Stories to Tell,” with Sea Chapman
  • "Working with Independent Authors,” with Tanya Gold
  • "Macros 101: Work Smarter, Not Harder,” with Amy J. Schneider
  • "Proof Your Health, Performance, and Finances: Wellness for Editors,” with K. Aleisha Fetters
  • "Saving Your Voice: Freelancing Outside the Box,” with Joanie Eppinga

A collection of informal sessions will be running concurrently in one of the smaller classrooms. These offerings will feature a variety of Q&A, self-care, and small-group discussion opportunities.

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