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Day of Meeting: September 08, 2013

Welcome to the annual Guild potluck!

  • Thanks for coming!
  • Great to see old & new faces!
  • Special thanks to Andie Ptak (& husband) for opening up their home


  • entering our 4th year of operating as a 501(c)6 nonprofit organization
  • board has grown from 8 directors last year to 11 directors (nearly the full complement of 12)
  • ask Board members to stand up and be recognized
  • advisors now at 4; read names & recognize those present
  • healthy financial state – working on the budget for 2014
  • cumulative knowledge now
  • brainstorming and sharing of ideas
    > board retreat planned to bring together outgoing and incoming board members plus advisors
  • 6 members will complete their term at the end of this year and are stepping off the board
    > currently recruiting for new board members
    > any member can apply
    > talk to Kyra today if you’re interested in learning more about the board
  • working on a Consultants Bureau–the ideas are forming


  • conducted this survey and 81 of you responded
  • this is a good percentage of our membership
  • we got so much information from it that it’s taking some time to write the report
  • we’ll get that out as as soon as it’s ready


  • in February we launched the new & improved Editors Guild website
    > more posts on the job board have been coming in
    > members and clients appreciate the searchability
    > detailed list of notes from member meetings
  • Facebook page has been active this year
    > 470 “likes”
    > regular postings from various members
    > another great way for people to find us and interact with us
  • Twitter–@edsguild – 71 followers
  • work has started on a Communications master plan – headed up by Mary-Colleen Jenkins
  • the Social Media guidelines are almost formalized
    > if interested in participating in the Guild’s social media, please see Amanda or Rich


  • creation of a Speakers’ Bureau
    > (headed by Beth Jusino)
    > over a dozen members
  • Guild members as individuals or panels have spoken at
    > PNWA (Pacific Northwest Writers Association) Conference
    > Write on the Sound
    > any number of other events — anyone want to shout out?
  • KUOW pledge drive
  • Plan to add outreach to sister groups, such as
    > SPJ (Society of Professional Journalists)
    > AWC (Association of Women in Communications)
    > WNBA (Women’s National Book Association)
    Kyra goes to meeting tomorrow
    > AMWA (American Medical Writers Association)
    > and more, as well as to Seattle’s writing communities
  • Wonderful new marketing materials (thanks to Andie Ptak)
    > including table-top displays for “Ask the Editor”
    > Guild post-it notes, etc
    > Thank you cards


  • coffee hours/happy hours
    > first one was in Seattle’s Capitol Hill in March 2012
    > since then they’ve taken root in
    > Fremont, Columbia City, West Seattle, Greenwood
    > also spread farther afield to Issaquah, Poulsbo, Portland
  • meet-ups to work on profiles for website
  • potluck


  • having outgrown Hugo House, in January 2013 we moved our meetings to the iLEAP space in the stately Good Shepherd Center in Wallingford
  • a range of expert speakers and panelists
    > designers working with editors
    > editors roundtable
    > state of regional presses (Mountaineers, Sasquatch, UW Press)
    > copyright for editors
    > style guides
  • 2nd year of regular volunteer notetakers, excellent notes on the website.
    > Lisa Gordanier
    > Marcella van Oel
    > looking for 2014 notetakers–speak to me!
  • One more meeting this year — creating your website

CONFERENCE –Red Pencil in the Woods 2013

  • fourth biennial conference to be held on October 26 at Bastyr University
  • hiring conference coordinator to lead volunteers
  • talented conference committee headed up by Elisabeth Rinaldi (coordinator); recognize others present
  • Still time to get in on the early-bird registration

CLOSING with our mission statement:

  • “The Northwest Independent Editors Guild connects clients with professional editors in the Pacific Northwest.
  • We foster community among our members and provide resources for their career development”
  • We are living into that mission and taking it forward into the future.

It is because of our committed members

  • who volunteer their time and talents in all sorts of ways
  • Editors Guild has grown from those early days in 1997 with Sherri Schultz, Phyllis Hatfield and 9 other founding members
  • to where we are today — with well over 200 members.

Thank you for all that you do! and for coming out today!