Expectations of Board Members

The board of directors of the Northwest Independent Editors Guild is a dynamic, participative working group that directs the organization in supporting the needs of our members.

Board members take a leadership role in the Editors Guild based on their interests and abilities. Specific areas of involvement include outreach, speakers bureau, social media, website oversight, coffee hours, conference, and board training and development. In addition, board members often research topics and help plan member meetings, participate in discussions about the Guild’s needs, help plan for growth, recruit volunteers to help organize Guild activities, and represent the organization at community gatherings.

Board members are expected to communicate with others in a way that fosters a spirit of friendly comradeship. Communication—whether face-to-face, online, or by phone—is guided by the basic values of civility, tolerance of the opinions of others, professionalism, and respectful, constructive criticism. Whenever possible, decision making follows a discussion to arrive at a consensus. When timely consensus cannot be reached, a simple majority vote is used. Board members agree to abide by the decisions of the group.

Members of the board of directors are expected to attend board meetings regularly and contribute actively to discussions both at meetings and via the board’s e-mail discussion list. Members outside the Seattle area may participate in scheduled meetings by teleconference or e-mail, as the board determines. Board members who must miss a meeting should notify the others on the board in advance.

Because active participation of board members is critical to the Guild’s operation, members who miss more than two meetings per year may be asked to leave the board. If a short-term situation makes regular attendance and participation in functions of the board a hardship, members may ask the board for a leave of absence of up to six months. If this leave is approved, said members must promptly and actively participate in board activities upon their return.