Name Change FAQ

The Northwest Independent Editors Guild is becoming the Northwest Editors Guild. This change acknowledges that our organization welcomes both freelance and in-house editors. The name and logo change will be implemented gradually in the coming months.

Q. Why is the Northwest Independent Editors Guild changing its name?

A. We want to represent editors regardless of their employment status. What began as an organization primarily for freelance editors has grown into a community of all types of editors of the written word.

The new name better reflects our mission goals of fostering community among our members and providing resources for their career development, and it promotes future growth and expansion.

Q. Is the Guild changing what it does?

A. No. Our name and logo are being changed to reflect the current composition of the Guild’s membership. The organization’s core mission of connecting clients with professional editors of the written word in the Pacific Northwest has not changed.

Q. How will the name change affect me?

A. Your membership will not change. The name change does not affect member benefits, and the transition should be seamless. We will continue to improve the Guild’s offerings to achieve our mission goals.

Q. Will the website change?

A. Our website URL ( and social media account names are not affected by this change. Only the Guild’s written name and logo will change online. Your member login and password will not change.

Q. How much will the name change cost?

A. There will be a nominal (less than $50) upfront cost to officially change the Guild’s name with applicable government agencies and financial institutions.

The work required to change Guild documents and forms is being done by board members who are volunteering their time, but we will be paying our administrator to update instances of our old name and logo on the Guild’s website (estimated three to four hours’ time at the most).

To minimize costs, marketing materials and other supplies with the old name and logo will be used up before they are reprinted with the new name and logo, with the exception of the Guild’s display banners.

Q. What about the Red Pencil conference?

A. The Red Pencil conference will not be affected by the Guild’s name change.

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