2018 Speakers Bureau Guidelines

The following items must be included in your talk:

  • Present the Guild mission statement as part of your presentation, and if possible, visually.


The Northwest Independent Editors Guild connects clients with professional editors in the Pacific Northwest. We also foster community among our members and provide resources for their career development.

  • Explain the organization of the Guild: A nonprofit with incorporation in 2010 as a 501 (c) (6) business league, bi-monthly educational member meetings, 20-year history, more than 350 current members from throughout the Pacific Northwest, including Washington, Oregon, and Alaska, and the emphasis on collegiality and professionalism.
  • Highlight the editing and book publishing experience and expertise of the Guild members found on the website in the member directory.
  • Explain the training and professionalism of Guild members, their compassion for writers and authors, especially their understanding and respectful communication when offering editing suggestions. (This comes from the generally known opinion of many writers that copy editors rip apart manuscripts.)
  • Speak to the difference between acquiring editors and copy, line, structural, and developmental editors. The many levels of book editing can be a quick overview used to primarily show difference from acquiring editors.
  • Do not raise or speak to any political or personal philosophies or views.
  • When making final arrangements for speaking engagement with event contact, relay confirmation between Speaker and event contact back to Speakers Bureau Coordinator.

Additional guidelines:

  • Remember that as a Guild Speaker you are representing all the Guild members and professional editing to your audience.
  • Limit personal and business promotional information to one-on-one conversations after you have completed your presentation.
  • PowerPoint decks are acceptable as part of a presentation. With presentations that include PowerPoint decks, consider showing examples of editing and querying when appropriate.
  • If you are knowledgeable about current options for indie writers—book packaging companies, finding publishers, self-publishing options—include general information about these options. Do not promote any single company.

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