Get more out of your membership in the Northwest Independent Editors Guild by getting involved! Active members enlarge their network of professional contacts, learn more about editing, and make new friends. If you’re interested in any of these opportunities or have questions, e-mail our board president (or other specified contact); include the type of volunteer opportunity (e.g., “coffee hour” or “photographer”) in the subject line.

Coffee/Happy Hour Hosting 101

The Guild encourages its members to host coffee or happy hours whenever they’d like. These get-togethers are a great way to strengthen professional and personal connections between members!

Find a buddy: You’re welcome to host a coffee or happy hour on your own, but it’s much more fun (and, depending on your personality, less intimidating) to cohost with someone else.

Find a place: Choose a favorite coffee haunt, pub, or other drinks establishment. Scope out whether it has seating for groups and whether you can hear one another talk when it’s busy.

Arrange a date and time: If possible, reserve an area for six to twelve people. Coming up with a theme or topic to discuss can be helpful but is not mandatory.

E-mail the Guild administrator: Use our handy form or email the administrator directly to let her know the date, time, location, and a host’s cell phone number. She’ll notify all Guild members via the listserv, the website, and Facebook and Twitter.

Show up and have fun! Guild members have been hosting coffee hours and happy hours since 2011. It’s a fun and easy way to get to know other members.

Mentoring 101

The Editors Guild encourages its members to learn from each other in a variety of ways. One way is through the peer mentoring program, available to any current Guild member at no additional charge. This is a great way to make connections, learn from colleagues, and contribute to the profession. Read more about the mentoring program here.

Board of Directors

Members of the Guild’s board, a congenial group of up to twelve, plan the bimonthly meetings, spearhead at least one Guild committee or project of their choosing, participate in discussions about the Guild’s needs, and help recruit new members for the board and other Guild projects. Board members’ terms are for two years, with the option of renewing, and they receive a year of free Guild membership for each year they serve. Read about the current board and expectations of board members.

Ideal board candidates have demonstrated interest and participation in the Guild during their time as members, have attended at least several member meetings, and are connected to their local editorial community. Particularly desirable skills include leadership, marketing and public relations, community organizing and outreach, social media, event planning, and organizational development. Experience with other boards or helping to manage another membership organization is a plus.

Event Support

  • Photographers: We’re always looking for a few members who’d enjoy taking photographs at our meetings and events for use on Facebook, Twitter, and our website.
  • Social media volunteers: Help create content for the Editors Guild Facebook and Twitter page! Contact the Guild administrator for more info.
  • Notetakers: Each year the Guild chooses two members to be the designated notetakers at the Seattle meetings. The notetakers divide the five meetings of the year between them. The notes are distributed on our listserv and posted on our website. Notetakers receive a free one-year membership in appreciation for their work.
  • Conference volunteers: The Guild presents a one-day conference for editors and other word lovers every other year, and offers volunteer opportunities in the areas of logistics, programming, and publicity.
  • Speakers and tablers: Want to gain more speaking experience while spreading awareness of editing and the Guild? We often present (through our Speakers Bureau) or table at local professional and literary events; contact our Speakers Bureau volunteer manager for more.
  • Regional events: We’re seeking a few members who’d enjoy organizing occasional coffee hours or meetings for Guild members in the areas outside of Seattle. We’ll provide materials and other support; contact the Guild administrator for more information.

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