Board of Directors

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Elaine Duncan
Erin Cusick

Alicia Z. Ramos
Vice President,
Board Development

MariLou Harveland
MariLou Harveland
Vice President, Member Services

Michael Schuler

Jesi Vega

Members at Large

Learn More About the Board

If you’d like to attend a board meeting or if you have questions about the board, e-mail the board president. To see what has been discussed in board meetings, visit our Board Meeting Minutes page. If you’re interested in serving on the board or otherwise assisting the Guild, visit our Volunteer page.

Advisory council

Anne Moreau, Kate Rogers, and Bill Thorness

The Guild is grateful to our many board members emeriti, as well.

Board Philosophy

When the Northwest Editors Guild began in 1997, we could comfortably fit in a living room. Today we have nearly 400 members—many beyond the Seattle area. We have grown from a few independent editors with similar clients, interests, and backgrounds to a large and diverse group engaged in almost every kind of word-related job in the Northwest.

As part of that growth, we’re shaping a public identity in addition to our communal one. Our participation in writing- and editing-related events, outreach at regional book festivals, and sponsorship of a periodic conference for editors and other word lovers creates a relationship between the Editors Guild and the larger community that enriches both.

In 2000 we formed a steering committee to draw on the wisdom and experience of our large and varied membership in order to chart the Guild’s future. In 2010, when the Guild became a 501(c)(6) nonprofit corporation, the steering committee became the board of directors.

Board members volunteer their time, energy, and ideas to maintain and develop the Guild. Our challenge is to guide the Guild’s activities so that they reflect the changing concerns of our members while simultaneously defining the Guild’s identity, both public and private. In this ongoing dialogue, the board is mindful of the need to honor both collegial and professional concerns: we hope to preserve the Guild’s friendly, intimate “living room” comradeship even as it continues to grow and mature.

Other Volunteer Leaders

Mentorship program coordinator: Nevin Mays

Social media coordinator: Jill Walters


The board contracts with a part-time administrator to handle the day-to-day tasks of operating the Guild. The position is currently held by Guild member Jen Grogan.